We buy, build &

scale e-commerce businesses

At Evenflow, we are redefining e-commerce businesses by acquiring them & helping them scale. We understand and value the effort that goes into building an e-commerce business. If you’re looking to sell your e-commerce business, we are excited to work together & build them into brands!

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Delving deeper into your brand’s current performance, core strengths and untapped potential, we take them to new heights and milestones.

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We create an ecosystem for e-commerce businesses to build them into everyday consumer brands.

01 Acquisition
Identify and acquire marketplace businesses which are coherent with our checklist of growth parameters.
02 Integration
Integrate the business across the value chain - sourcing, supply chain, warehousing, inventory, marketplace listings, accounting & finance , making the transition smooth and effortless.
03 Growth playbooks
Activate our different growth playbooks across branding, performance marketing, cataloguing, sourcing, platform & global expansion to ensure its sustainable and consistent growth.

How acquisition works?

We follow a fast & simple process to evaluate your business, do thorough due diligence and roll out a fair offer.

  • 01 Evaluation

    We spend time reviewing your business and arrive at a valuation based on our metrics. Post that, we issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) to formally express our interest.

  • 02 Diligence

    Once you accept the LOI, we begin the due diligence, which involves verifying financial statements, business performance, and marketplace data, among other details.

  • 03 Acquisition

    On satisfactory due diligence, we complete the acquisition and transfer funds as an upfront payout, followed by the process of integration of the business.

  • 04 Scale

    Upon the successful integration, we activate our growth playbooks across the value chain and start accelerating the business.





Seller testimonials

  • Rachita Agarwal - Founder, BabyPro

    "I am excited to take BabyPro brand to greater heights with Evenflow, which was previously unthinkable, and contribute in the best way I can."

  • Mayank Jain - Founder, Rusabl

    "I'm confident and excited to see Rusabl become a huge brand with an execution-first approach across the team at Evenflow."

  • JVS Narayana - Founder, Cinagro

    "I've built Cinagro with a lot of love and trusting the Evenflow team with it has been a great decision. The team has actually built a vision for the brand to take it 10x higher from where it is now. The brand started scaling in the first few months of operation, considering the focus on the fundamentals of the Evenflow team."

  • Sathish and Asghar - Founders, Xtrim

    "We had the comfort and belief with Evenflow, right from the first interaction. Their integration team had supported us in every step of the transaction. We are still engaged post the transition as an OEM for XTrim and other products for Sports and Fitness category, this shows the level of comfort a brand owner can enjoy with Evenflow."