Sell your eCommerce business

in 4-6 weeks

From getting to know each other to analysing your business, from making an offer to providing you with a lucrative exit, we do it all at a swift pace.


We seek to build your brand with the same love you have built it and we are committed to giving you the fair value for all the effort, hard work and time you’ve invested in the brand.

Our process

Step - 1


We educate you about Evenflow - who we are, how we operate, our team, and our processes. Simultaneously, we seek a broad understanding of your business, the growth trajectory, and how you manage your business overall.

We verify your business numbers - sales, COGS, margins among others, and arrive at a valuation based on our metrics. Post that, we officially issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) to express our interest in your business.

Step - 2


Post LOI acceptance, we begin the due diligence. We dive deeper and get a holistic understanding of your business. We verify audited financial statements, supplier agreements, trademarks, rental/lease agreements, and invoices among others.

In parallel, we start putting together purchase agreements, drafting the terms and conditions under which we acquire your business. At this stage, it is important to involve your legal advisor or consultant.

Step - 3


On satisfactory due diligence, we reach the final step of unlocking your wealth. We complete the acquisition process and transfer funds to your bank account as an upfront payout, right before we start integrating your business.

Our journey so far

  • 2000+

    eCommerce sellers we have reached out and connected with

    • 8

      Sellers acquired in the focused categories

    • 50+

      Team of full-time employees across functions

      • 2.5X

      • Average revenue growth in a quarter across acquired brands

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